06 March 2010

high peak marathon

i've been awake now for 37ish hours, sleep seems a long way off. i'm on a high. yesterday feels a life time ago and today, well today, or is that yesterday? i suppose it it doesn't matter actually.

meeting team mates for the first time just hours before go, only adds to race anxiety. knowing that only 2 of them are from the original team and that the forth is also a 'random', twists that nervous knot even tighter. 42 night time hill miles-anything can happen.

for us it was a simple tale. 4 ladies with a sense of adventure and a lot of determination. running through the night is a good way to get to know folks. my new friends were perfect companions. easy chat and random thoughts. slow and steady and no complaints. some of us hurt and we all had lows. but everyone was looked after.

cocooned in our headlamp glows our night was uneventful. a clear sky and low wind. just keep one foot in front of the other. we could be anywhere. a game of 'worst job' top trumps. coat hanger factory worker was trumped by maggot farm.

lights off and a gray dawn. even a detour at bleaklow didn't raise voices, just solutions and laughter. keep on shuffling. another tea stop and all that's left is a half marathon for breakfast. the sun peaks through the clag but doesn't win. it doesn't matter anymore. we're on the home straight.

the original members can relax. all their training and recce's have paid off. us randoms can breath a sign of relief, we've not let the side down. never has the word marathon been used so loosely. but we took the challenge head on. 13rhs and 41min later, we're still laughing and make promises to meet for future fun. maybe during the day and maybe not so far.

the high peak marathon is the best value race you can enter. and you're guaranteed to meet some jolly nice folk too.


Julbags said...


Simon said...

Wow, what a crazy event! Well done :)

Joe said...

So that was a marathon. Off road. At night. And was actually 'training' for something bigger.

You, my girl, are nuts. But in a good way.

jenn said...

fab. well done :-)

ultra collie said...

bet you're well chuffed..for a million reasons..well done kate

jumbly said...

Nicely done!

Mick Wood said...

That's a great effort! Sounds like an awesome gig :oD
Well done, you've earned ya cake!

Martin Rye said...

Well done Kate. You're a star.

John Kynaston said...

Congratulations Kate. Sounds like you had a great run.

I've ran through the night a few times and it's a weird sensation as you get wrapped up in your own little bubble of light.

Well done


Irregulamania said...

Good stuff! Love the photographs too

all the best


Runningbear said...

Well done you. You're a crazy lady but an inspiring one. Hope you're recovering well from your night time adventures and mountains of baked goodies prescribed from me. RB.

Rich said...

Well done. http://www.flickr.com/photos/peakcyclehire/4411916002/ :)

vdubber67 said...

Yay! Well done you... :)

Charlie said...

Well done! Sounds great. Haworth Hobble next weekend?

trio said...

Sounds great! YOu are crazy though!

Emma said...

well done Kate, good to meet you at last.

kate said...

julbags- that's what i thought when i saw your latest glenmore shots!

simon- all the best events have an element of 'crazy' ;)

joe- i'll take it as a compliment then!

jenn- cheers. sometimes two feet can be more fun than two wheels ;)

uc- yeh, big confidence boost for whw but just ace fun anyway :)

jumbly- why thank you. what shall our team name be next year??

mick- thanks. haven't stopped eating cake since friday evening ;)

martin- thanks. it's a great route, as i'm sure you know.

john- cheers. was my first 'proper' night run. not as scared of conic hill now

irregulamania- what a brilliant name! thanks :)

rb- running slowly through bogs as night is easier than trying to keep up with you ;)

rich- amazing, a photo where i'm pulling a stupid face! i was obviously tired!

vdubber67- hola! thanks. hope you're feeling better.

charlie- cheers! working next weekend :( are you hobblin' ?

trio- oh no, if you think i'm crazy....

emma- cheers and like wise.

Groover said...

Well done. What an insane race. Love the way you describe the night time race atmosphere.

Daz H said...

good one kate
you lot took some catching
i hope the golden coins came in handy

Charlie said...

Hobblin' today after Hebden Watershed/7trigs yest! Hobblin' next Sat on the Hobble and probably hobblin' as a result of that next Sun! A whole lotta hobble. Boo to work which reminds me I'd better hobble off to mine.

Red Bike said...

N U T T E R ! !

(Very impressive though.)
I did come to cheer you on but I didn't see you. I suspect you were just too quick.

GaryUFM said...

Some great work there Kate. Nice to meet you, albeit briefly at the first tea stop at Moscar. You seemed very chipper! Great write up too!

lesleyh said...

Great report Kate and huge well done all of you! Sounds tough but interesting...

Sarah Ridgway said...

g'day Kate - well done!!! lovely to meet you at the start. What a fab race eh! see ya soon at another race ;-)

Julie said...

Hi Kate,
Wow, you are a champion!! You did so good:) I am so impressed you crazy English girl!!! I am saying that with admiration:)

Elizabeth A said...

Sounds great and like you had a really good team. Well done!

kate said...

groover- thanks. it is a bit of a 'mental' race in more ways than one

daz- oh no, did we miss out on some hidden treats :(

charlie- i now have hobble envy ;) have a good 'en at the weekend

red- thanks but i think it was you that was too quick ;)

gary- i loved every minuet of it! see you at edale?

lesleyh- cheers. you should give it ago

sarah- likewise :) looks like you guys had a storming run

julie- haha! thank you :)

elizabeth- for a bunch of folks that have never run together, it couldn't have worked out better

Fat Lad said...

well done that woman I'm very impressed :)