05 April 2010

is it possible to eat too much cake?

it's been a while. training is not going to plan. i'm too bored and fed up to describe the tedious details of not doing anything. hence the lack of blogging. seeing the physio tomorrow....at first i had big ideas of completing the whw in a 24 hours, then my goal changed to getting round in the allotted time, now i'm just hoping to get to the start and see what happens.

anyway....jane's been running. so have her sisters, cat and lizzy. ruth, cat's partner, had a really impressive run coming in 7th, having never raced before and only deciding to that morning. in fact all four did themselves proud, the running bug seems to be catching. if i keep hang 'round them maybe i'll come down with it too.

my legs might not be working but luckily my mouth is. which helped at my first university interview last week. surprisingly it went well and i've been offered a place. it's for my second choice, still got one interview to go. i guess things could be a lot worse but i think i might have reached my limit of chocolate cake!


stustod said...

Must be frustrating for you Kate. Well done on the interview, hope the physio has some good news too.

Runningbear said...

Hope you stopped short of eating the fluffy chicks :) Have you tried rubbing cake onto the knee? Love the bikey vid btw. Keep your chin up. RB.

Martin Rye said...

On the question in mention: No

On the interview: Well done

Richard said...

Well done on the interview. :)

trio said...

Fab news about the interview!

Oh and no impossible to eat too much cake!

jumbly said...

Hoorah for the interview success!

Go team O-P!

No, it is not possible to be over caked.

sbrt said...

Chocolate cake is the yin to trainings yang. Cant have one without the other.

Well done on the interview.

Emma said...

hmmm, can't comment on the cake, noone has made me one but i'm sure you can never get enough!

Well done on the interview, hope something equally as positive comes out of the physio Kate and that naughty knee gets better soon oh and well done the girls, excellent result!

Elizabeth A said...

cake is good. Is the highlander knee dependent? I will be there as long as my team mate's nasty cough clears up...

Red Bike said...

Fab news on the uni front.
Does this mean you have to start living like a student?

Poor show on the cake front though. :(

Charlie said...

Oooo you sound p*****d off! I was thinking 'bout you earlier when out r*****g up P****e H**l. Good news re Uni!! Hope your leg (and you) both feel better soon.

Daz H said...

good luck with the physio
If you dont get any joy dont worry I can advise on a few exercises to help your knee.

kate said...

stustod- frustrating isn't the word ;)

rb- i did lick the chocolate ganache off their feet.... oh dear ;)

martin- thanks and i think you're right, now i've finished the last piece!

rich- cheers! cheap beer here i come ;)

trio- thanks and thanks again for your help. which i may regret come exam time ;)

jumbly- team O-P are becoming a force to be reckoned with! can't wait for you to meet them ;)

sbrt- i'll try and be more philosophical ;)

emma- cheers! right, if i'm off work on your bg, there will be tea and cake on route!

elizabeth- had the ok :) see you there!! can't wait for the ceilidh!

red- cheers! i intend to make full use of all student facilities ;)

charlie- haha! were there any views from the top ;)

daz- cheers mate. physio was really helpful and gave me a good prodding. fingers crossed....

swiss said...

today is the day - after five weeks, count em!, five weeks - off the bike when i get my lardy fundament back on it. cant be bothered with this rest malarkey.

if the othopaedic types want to mull over doing things to it, then i'll make sure they have something properly broken to look at!

good news on the uni front. hope you do better at physio than me!

Emma said...

Kate - BRILLIANT!! Best news I've had today :-) DO you do requests ;-)

lesleyh said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Looking forward to seeing you at the start line :o) Oh and well done on the interview - whoop!!

ultra collie said...

great uni news
i reckon, without even knowing you, that if you keep cardio fit you'll be good to go at whw
the fling if you make it there will be a good gauge..keep on chomping away..lifes too short

kate said...

swiss- can't you 'pull some mri strings'? ;) hope the pedaling's going well, that bike looks to good to be gathering dust.

emma- yes! i get the sense that you're more of a savory snacker though?

lesleyh- start line and then the ceilidh- i fear you maybe too quick on the bits in between ;)

uc- thanks! that's what i hoping. i just don't seem to b suited to actually 'training' :(