16 April 2010

more hills

of the welsh variety. everything on a strict schedule. picked after work yesterday. slept in climbers hut. early start, on the hill by 7.20. join paddy buckley route at moel meirch. start the stop watch and go.....

simon plans to complete the round in late may. today we reccie'd the section i'll be supporting on, gareth came along for the fun too. they are both fast. very fast. simon is also a mean descender. a very mean descender. 12 tops later we're basking in the sun on the top of cnicht. the final top and as harsh an ascent as it sounds. watch stopped. all on schedule. head back to notts.

another hot and stunning day in the hills. i hung on. there was some polite waiting. it's hard to feel to disappointed with ones fitness when you've had just a succession of fantastic big hill days out.


sbrt said...

Thats quite a recovery run after the Highlander.

now you are making me realy jealous;o)

jumbly said...

Very nice!

Ben said...

Sounds great. Support this year, have a go next year?

kate said...

sbrt- i was certainly feeling the scottish hills in my legs!

jumbly- it seemed so wrong to be getting in the car and coming home when the weather was so good.

ben- ......maybe...probably not... but never say never ;)