18 April 2010

outside but closer to home

we met in the back garden, no rush to leave. lucky, as i have a puncture. soon repaired, water re-filled and bags repacked. wheels rolling and it's already past 2 in the afternoon. not to worry, we're out for the night.

the four of us snaking along, single file, road on the left, housing to the right. following the slither of trail winding between. the afternoon was hot but the pedaling was an easy, dusty affair. alex's home baked carrot cake went down a treat.

too late for the tea stop and another two punctures. not to worry, we're out for the night. more woods, more swooping and whooping. a gratuitous tunnel then a brief stop to regroup and check injuries. ok. but decide to take the road for a while but not before chris rightly gains 'riding god' status. fixie fully loaded, 5ft skinny crossing a creator deep enough to be painful. straight over without even thinking. too quick for the camera and not to be repeated.

rolling on and reaching the forest. alex leaves and heads back to town. simon leads us deeper into the trees. our bed for the night is chosen but first food and beer must be found. to the pub. and blimey what a 'pub'. faux william morris wall paper, everywhere. mini chandeliers, everywhere. cheap regency reproductions mixed with 50's retro. a sensory over load. but amazing burgers and a decent ale.

suitably full we slipped into the woods. following the singletrack back to our heathery beds. star gazing and whiskey sipping, sleep came easily. a clear night leads to a cold, frosty morning. breakfast cakes and beans consumed with the rising sun.

relaxed and tired and no longer thinking about the miles, just doing. everything flowed. outside pedal hard down, rubber biting, weight shifting over the bars, fingers hover on brakes. speed maintained. repeat. all the way home, back in time for brunch....i fell asleep on the sofa and jane had to make me dinner.


ultra collie said...

were you a little pixie in a former life? ;-)

Red Bike said...

Sounds superb. I have got to get some multi-day rides in my legs soon.

Red Bike said...

Forgot to mention, i'm highly jealous!

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

sounds and looks fab :)
thought at first you slept in that tunnel!

kate said...

uc- are you saying i've got pointy ears?

red- you'd probably ride our mileage in one day ;)

ppc- it was lovely, perfect biking weather, perfect bivvying weather. make sure you go on the next one with rik!

trio said...

Looks lovely...wanders off to look at calendar to see when she can fit in a bivvy trip.

kate said...

trio- i'm thinking something in lakes in the summer.....

Red Bike said...

Can I come, PLEASE!!!

If everything goes to plan (which it probably wont) i'm bivvying this weekend.

chris said...


Wasn't it a lovely time :-)

My continental breakfast was lovely watching the sun rise.

My daughter was boasting to her friends that I slept in the woods last night and watched the sun rise - smug-

No signs of ticks!

But maybe I'll bring a bigger sleeping bag if we sleep in a freezing hollow next time!

Alex says her leg feels stronger after the ride!

jumbly said...

Nice little micro-adventure you bagged there. Equally nice photos and write up.

kate said...

red- good luck with your trip. i can only guess and what will go wrong ;)

chris- you are my hero ;) still smiling and feeling all bivvy goodness. pleasingly from my door2door it was 103km.

jumbly- cheers. we need to pop your bivvy cherry sometime