02 May 2010

wk22 & 23 'the plan' round up

wk22 - again a week with no real training. the pain in my knee still causing problems when running. went to the fling to see what i could do....

wk23 - post fling. thank you so much to everyone who continues to offer me support and advice on this running business, and takes the time to read these ramblings and leave much more coherent comments. thank you....i think i was a bit pre menstrual when i last posted, sorry.

to summarise - running 53m appears to have resolved the issue with my knee. not sure this was the "over loading the muscle" that the physio was talking about, but it worked none the less. as for the run itself. i couldn't have asked for more perfect training for the whw. i now know what pace i need to do, what food works, how i'm going to feel on the tough parts. but more importantly i know i can keep going when i'm just fed up with it all. a more boring and detailed list of 'lessons' has been scribbled down. and as predicted, i think i'll be having another go at it next year! and after all, the whw, well....it's just a (very) long day out.


Charlie said...

Sorry to hear of your grandparents' troubles, I hope things work out for them. Good that you are feeling better about stuff.

Runningbear said...

Hi Kate, thanks for the blog visits and nudges of encouragement. And well done for sticking with the fling - such a mammoth test of will and endurance..

Please don't apologise for such a very moving post, and picture too.
Best wishes, RB.

Lavinia said...

Kate - how can I contact you via snail mail? My email is lavinia.gordon@mcri.edu.au

trio said...

Correct it is just a long day out!

The German said...

Kate - much better ...much better indeed. For what it is worth, the Fling experience and having the honesty and self awareness to write about it as you did will certainly put you in good form for the full WHW - in short what changed from your initial post to now ...feck all - only how you viewed it. Same gig ...different seat.

As I said before ...see you in Milngavie :-)


iain said...

Kate, sorry to read about your grandparents. If you are in the lakes anytime soon drop me a line. Be good to catch up, go for a run.

kate said...

charlie- nothing like a run to sort yer head out ;)

rb- thank you. hope things are getting better with you to.

lavinia- intriguing?!

trio- or nearer two in my case!!

graham- cheers! see, i'm just a fickle fecker ;)

iain- thanks. will do, would be lovely to run with you.

trio said...

Even better two days out, better value for your entry fee!

Daz H said...

Like the post on your grandparents. Its hard as they get older. You speak highly of them. I bet they are very proud of you. Thankyou for sharing them on your blog Kate.

kate said...

daz- thanks for reading :)