19 August 2010

a virtual holiday

...no, i don't know why i'm wearing a beard either.

hangovers seem to linger these days. the big chill was fantastic, as usual. dancing til dawn and living off tequila and chips. the high of big cycling miles combined with good friends and chooons lasted as long as the hangover.

back to earth with a bump. suddenly everything needs to be done at once. the 'serious' to do list is ever growing. bursary forms need completing, houses moving, decisions making, my job also finishes in 6 weeks, probably should find something to fill in the gap til skool starts. basically, i've been busy doing nothing but having a little worry. however, as the great ronan keating says, life is a roller coaster and you've just gotta ride it.

it's jane's birthday tomorrow and she'll officially be a giffer (30). it's also my two year blog-a-versery this week. there's been lots of ups and downs, some flat bits, quite a few punctures, a few too many cakes and more friendly support and baiting than i could ever have imagined. thanks for stopping by guys, it's very much appreciated. help your self to a cake, there's plenty to go round.


Ian Charters said...

Thanks for the cake - it is still a great place to call into. (-:

Simon said...

Happy Blog-a-versery! Was wondering where you'd been lately...give me a shout if you need owt doing Sheffield side :-)

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

happy blog birthday x

jumbly said...

Happy Birthday Jane and happy blog-a-versary. Cake! Always good.

Groover said...

Looks sooooo yummy. Finally, after all the substitute gingerbreads, the REAL stuff is back! :-) Happy blog anniversary. Keep it coming.

ultra collie said...

party party party!
beards alround
happy everythings kate ad jane
love me and my sidekick x

vdubber67 said...

That picture needs a glowstick surely?!


kate said...

ian- thanks :)

simon- cheers, well do :)

ppc- thanks mate.

jumbly- passed on :)

groover- haha! thanks.

uc-'beards all round' is my new favourite saying :) thanks guys :)

vdubber- haha, i think i dropped it ;)

swiss said...

hangovers linger because you is old! ; )

and giffer. over thirty? what would that make me then? goffer? doffer? duffer? oh no! : (

sbrt said...

Happy Blogday!

Hayfella said...

Catchup time: Happy Bloggoversary! It's great going back through and watching life unfold. Fab ride too, the home2home - who needs planning! Finally, black bomber. Without doubt, one of the Great Cheeses o'World(TM)
Happy cakery.

kate said...

swiss- 30=giffer, 40=duffer, 50= is the new 30, therefor back to giffer ;)

sbrt- cheers!

hayfella- ah, thanks for stopping by. i think you might be doing more running than me at the moment!