18 October 2010

brake & knee update

i'm almost as frustrated with my bloody knee as i was with the bloody brakes. some days i don't feel it at all, some days the pain wakes me up in the night. sometimes is feels weak and gives way, other times it completely locks up and needs clicking back out. it doesn't seem to matter if i run or not. obviously running makes it a bit worse but i've been doing nothing for nearly 2 months now and there's been no improvement. even pedaling causes some discomfort. a good day is brufen free. a trip to the doctors has resulted in an xray. it's going to take 3 weeks for the gp to review it. by that time we'll have moved. oh well. hopefully a friend will be able to take a peek at work tomorrow. worst case, might need a washout, best case, just need to toughen up and take the pills when needed. actually that might be the wrong way round. i'm not sure at the moment.

having not done any regular fun for months i'm getting chubby, which in turn is making me feel pretty fed up. race plans are being canceled. this needs to get sorted out and i need to stop this constant cycle of rest, knee abuse, rest, knee abuse.

the brakes were actually much easier to sort, once you've got the correct tools. these turned out to be a kitchen knife, a pair of pliers and the edge of a hardback wainwright guide book. do folks really carry pliers on the trail? and in a moment of madness i also cleaned and regressed both hubs-incident free! and the road bike is now sporting a new bb but i've been defeated in indexing the gears properly. four and half punctures have been repaired and the mass of bike parts in the cellar has also been consolidated to a(nother) singlespeed for jane-just what she wanted. so all my bikes are ready to roll just need to borrow a left knee from where.


"e Brutto" said...

Recently damaged my knees by leaving Yoga for too long combined with forcing the lotus position when cold, what a fool.
It's getting better just overstretched ligaments, running is OK as the ligaments function is to prevent lateral movement.
Hip down not foot up if you are tempted to try the full lotus. Moving anywhere near me I could do with bike adjustment tips.

Groover said...

So sorry to hear, Kate, and really really understand your frustration. Let's just eat cake and get fat together, shall we? Just kidding!

I know how you feel but I don't have the answers! All I know is that there is no point feeling sorry for yourself. Just keep on getting it sorted, no matter how long it takes and in the meantime do what you can and keep smiling this beautiful smile of yours. And eat cake of course ... :-)

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

chin up dude it could be worse eh?

big hugs x

kate said...

e brutto- i don't think i'm ever going to be to do that move!! and i'm also the last person you want giving any kind of spannering advice ;)

groover- thanks buddy. you're right but please don't encourage me on the cake front!

ppc- yup, totally right. dragging my chin up off the floor as we speak. thanks mate :)

Julbags said...

You need to invest in a Leatherman for the trail, they have pliers and yes I have some riding friends who carry Leathermans, I did once consider buying one myself. The pliers can come in handy for lots of things.

Hope you get some answers about your knee sooner rather than later.

ultra collie said...

hmm..hope you get some sort of diagnosis/resolution soon kate..must be really frustrating
have you tried hopping?? (i'll get me coat)
ps im back and around..been on holiday or maybe just have knack all of interest to bang on about

SS:Mtn Biker said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon,Kate,or at the VERY least,can find out what's causing it. Kool beans on the new SS from parts,that's always ace!

Hope the move goes well,uneventful,and not too exhausting (I HATE moving,LOL!)


sbrt said...

Sorry to hear your Knee is still bothering you.

Whatever you do please dont try and fix it the same way you do your brakes.

vdubber67 said...

Maybe you need some gears?...(sorry) ;)

Simon said...

Sorry to hear that Kate. Short of robbing a bank and paying for an MRI I suppose its a waiting game.

I have access to a balaclava if you decide to go with the first option ;-)

Hayfella said...

I'm sending out waves of sympathy for your enforced idleness/blobbing out vicious circle but... and this might sound as bonkers as aligning your chakras to cure cancer, have you tried pedalling (gently) backwards? Mrs HF had a knee op years ago for a misaligned patella (it didn't track properly) and this was the recommended physio. It worked. Good luck.

kate said...

uc- need to take leaf outta your blog, must try harder :(

ss steve- thanks mate. every cloud and all that-'new bikes' rule!

sbrt- hahaha! that's probably what the physio thinks when i explain the type of stuff i want to do!!

vdubber- .....i know...

simon- if i've not heard by the end of november can i borrow it then?

hayfella- thanks for the advice. glad to hear all your recent exercise is producing happy vibes, maybe i'll stick to core work too.