26 October 2010

i am not a runner

unsurprisingly the xray showed nothing. apart from my varicose veins which i can assure you, you don't need radiation to see. now i'm waiting for an mri, which will be able to show up cartilage damage. in the mean time i've made a decision. no more running. no more races and more importantly, no more feeling guilty about not running....until janurary, then i'll reassess.

in the meantime, new hobbies are swimming and climbing. there'll be some cycling too, but mainly the road kind where the use of gears is kinder to my knee-no, 'i told you so's' please.


Julbags said...

Aww Kate. You are being very sensible though both in not running and not feeling guilty. I have an urge to start climbing again for some reason...maybe because my bingo wings are getting out of control, lol.

Any idea when you'll get the MRI?

Groover said...

Whooohooo ... I've got a roadie buddy ... oh, sorry ... didn't pity you enough, did I? ... let's start again ... whooohooo ... no more feeling guilty about health issues and let's just enjoy the ride, sister ... still no pity ... well, at least it's not "I told you so" :-)

Let's re-assess in January together, shall we? Until then ... let's just have fun! Big smiles only.

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

its the season for grit! plus lots of indoor climbing training.

i'm just about to buy my first roadie, so its all still exciting huh?

by the time Jan comes around you'll be a climbing, roadie, swimming goddess.

Barefoot Viscount Adam said...

In order to make you feel better about hanging up your running shoes i'll make sure I detail as thoroughly as possible the misery of every bloody wake up at 6.30am on a Sunday to do 17, 19, 23 miles or whatever it is all winter long. You will then realise this is a gift! And at least your toe nails may get a repreive. Mine now grow at least 2 milimetres away from my toe.

Perhaps you could now also do a course in nail art? I see you with the flags of Africa across your feet

Keith said...

Hey Kate, been a while since I've stopped by, sorry to hear your knees are still giving you gyp!

Stopping to reassess things is always a good job (if you're starting to feel guilty/not enjoying it then why are you still doing it?) and if it means you can start running in a couple months even better!

As Groover says, just enjoy the ride!

"e Brutto" said...

Nearly met my nemesis on the roaches.
Steady there now.
Varicose veins talk has got me HOT;-)

Hayfella said...

Told you!...oh bugger.

vdubber67 said...

Good call I reckon, although I know it might drive you a bit mad! Better to rest up and be sensible now while you get a diagnosis than push on and do something nasty.

Road riding rocks. You get to wear better outfits than when you MTB (maybe that's just me though)


swiss said...

as well you know i'm johnny sympathy when it comes to dodgy knees and the frustration of not running.

being fa=lat and all and what with the cx season fast approaching i did try a run in lovely sweden. it was great.

right up until the bit where i realised it really does use different muscle groups. but that was just a preamble for the grumbling shin splints and tendinitis to (almost instantaneously) reappear. comically, my knee was fine. there's no justice.

much sympathy. chin up. and use nikes with gears!!

jumbly said...

Take it easy, the trails and fells will still be there when you're mended. And it could be a lot worse, you could be far too mangled to even contemplate road riding, swimming and climbing, at least plan B isn't just about the cake!

PS. Can I come climbing with you please?

SS:Mtn Biker said...

I never told you so,so no "I told you so's",LOL! Sounds like a wise strategy well thought out. On the running,I know several older people who ran all their lives (my Grandma being the most severe case) who in later life deeply regret all the damage to their knees. My Grandma was a marathon runner/winner for years,now can hardly walk unassisted due to the knee thing. Something to consider.

Hope you continue to feel better and betterer,my friend,and looking forward to reading of your progress =)


ultra collie said...

not good. not good.
hope you come back to the dark side soon

sally in norfolk said...

sounds like a very good idea to me :-)

kate said...

julbags- you are not alone with the bingo wings, i'm shocked at how quickly my body's turning to flab!! seeing gp next weds, so hopefully get mri a few weeks after-who knows!!

groover- cheers! fortunately this is coinciding with our house move, which will mean lots of new roads and hills to explore :)

ppc- ace, we'll have to get some road rides booked in, as well as grit time :)

adman- what marathon are you doing? i'll happily live vicariously though your pain ;) ...my feet are even more disgusting than the last time you saw them-that's something to look forward too!

keith- thanks and good to see you again :)

e brutto- where you running or biking over there? good for climbing too actually.

hayfella- what's your 'smug rating' for this ;)

vdubber- hmmm, i wear the same the clothes, just take my baggies off. maybe that's where i'm going wrong. to the shops!

swiss- thought you were making a pun with 'nikes with gears' or was it a typo ;) look forward to hearing about your world of pain, sorry i meant cyclocross.

jumbly- don't worry there will be cake too ;) definitely see you for some climbing soon

ss steve- i bet your grandma thinks that is merely a coincidence ;)

uc- thanks buddy-for now i will content myself with reading your running adventures :)

sally- thanks for that, i might just need reminding every so often

Simon said...

You are a runner! Just a crocked one. Take it slowly, have fun doing other stuff and keep smiling! Hills will still be there when you are ready mate.

What you need is a Sheffield based running club that only does gentle plods and lives on a diet of beer and crisps to ease you back into it when you feel better. Hmmmmmm......

sbrt said...

Fingers crossed for you Kate.

The German said...

Knees are overrated anyway. Take it easy ...loads of adventure to be had during rehab !

kate said...

simon- i'll certainly join ya'll for the beer part, i'll leave the running to jane!

sbrt- thanks mate.

the german- yup, you're right! just need to get this house move done, then i can settle into a new routine.

Anonymous said...

All over the grit E1 5b best solo.
Fell off a nasty reach around flake, peeled off backwards, stopped with head a couple of inches above a rock, in fact I must have been horizontal when the rope came tight or my head would have hit the rock.
It adds a certain something to the occasional falling sensation dream;-)

Simon said...

Beer and crisp support crew it is then! Jane might be a bit hardcore for the Plodders ;-) I can't get any of them out on the fells though so she'd be ace in my 'Highway to Fell' breakaway group!!

Rocketdog said...

work on your collection of heels, that's what i do when i'm broken....er..

Daz H said...

ey up , give it time kate . Im sure you will be back. x

kate said...

anonymous- hmmm, might not go climbing with you then!!!

simon- as long as she doesn't start to beat in me in races ;)

rocketdog- having just got back from a friends wedding, i can assure you that there will be no heels for a long time!

daz- yeh, i know, just need to pull my finger out and do some other stuff.

Anonymous said...

The possibility of disaster is why 'you' climb,
I am lucky so you should want to climb with me as it would reinforce the narcissistic basis of climbing;-)

Just one of those things it was beyond my grade I knew it so I seconded.
My leader did not place gear properly so the rope could not be kept tight but I had to retrieve it...
He spent 9 months in plaster after falling on some slabs while solo.
So who was the better climber.
Not offering done that;-)
If you are ever passing the concrete cow etc, etc.
Nice blog entries shame about the varicose legs;-)

swiss said...

so what, just because you're gorging on cakes and lolling in front of jeremy kyle (sorry, 'swimming and climbing') there's to be a dearth of blog posts?

no news is well...no news. hope all's well.

Runningbear said...

Hope you're okay, any knee news? How's the swimming coming along? :]

kate said...

swiss- you know too well ;) also, the combined house move and bt being rubbish resulted in a internet free zone...until now, thanks for calling by though :)

rb- no news on the knee at the moment, well none that's good. thanks for calling by though :)