26 November 2010

skinny wheels on holiday

it's an easy routine to fall into. breakfast of two courses, the first being served in bed. the second and early brunch and maybe the beginning of a board game. then the sudden realisation, it's winter and daylight isn't something to take for granted. a quick look at the map, scouring for chevrons.

this is no place to hide. along the valley and up over the hill. along another valley, over another hill. the choice is endless, but my legs and energy aren't. another log on the fire and more tea in the pot. i promise myself that tomorrow i'll ride all the hills. there'll be no walking. i went in search of my cycling legs this week. still looking but i've got a better idea about where they're hiding.


Groover said...

Sounds like a perfect holiday, Kate. Esp the first breakfast. :-) Don't stress about finding your cycling legs. They are of no good use on holidays anyway ... Enjoy the time off!

ultra collie said...

let your legs keep thinking they're winning hide and seek and just keep stoking that fire.

trio said...

you do know there are rules about walking up hills when on a road bike? Don't!

kate said...

groover- i'm enjoying trying to find them, no pressure.

uc- will do! and guess what, our new house has a real fire too :)

trio- i know *hangs head in shame*. but in my defense, i'm particularly unfit at the moment, the hills were quite big and i didn't have a full compliment of gears (seized front mech). oh, and no one saw, so it doesn't count ;)

trio said...

It always counts!

vdubber67 said...

Hills hurt, couches kill!

(Stolen from http://www.pbkblog.com/?p=2248)

Just call it a rest week remember!


swiss said...

after last month's free style cake debauchery i've been lamenting how come it is that going out on the bike seem to be an almost glacial process of gaining legs whereas take a couple of weeks off and all of a sudden i'm back to being a wheezing train wreck. there's no justice!

SS:Mtn Biker said...

Gorgeous pic,my friend!

kate said...

trio- i'll remind of that...one day ;)

vdubber- great quote, should be a headset cap.

swiss- it's a fine balancing act of cake eating and bike riding. what would mr miyagi say? a risen sponge will make wheels rounder...erm..

ss- thanks dude :)