24 November 2010

back in the room

everything and nothing has changed since my last post. my job finished, i started a new one with an agency. we moved house, 5 transit van loads and 3 car fulls of stuff shifted. this also resulted in us being tin'ternet free for nearly 3 weeks. my knee is still a bit rubbish and i'm still waiting for a referral for an mri-there appears to be an issue because we've moved out of the area. i also had a birthday, some cup cakes were eaten. jane and i have also celebrated our ten year anniversary-we're not married. it's just ten years since she accosted me the toilets of a bar in stoke on trent.

we're currently celebrating with a week in hawes, wensleydale. the cottage is lovely...it also has wifi...it appears i've a lot of catching up to do. so listen out for a knock at the virtual door, i'll be popping round for a cuppa. i'll bring tea cake and wensleydale.


vdubber67 said...

Hey - welcome back from...erm..the land of no internet! :)

trio said...

Yay missed you. 10years, wow that is so long...

muddytrail said...


swiss said...

strangely i have a not too dissimilar toilet tale. perhaps we'll share!

ten years tho! good going!

on the knee front (esp as the race is coming up and you'll be giving it a good kicking) i kind of gave up with the whole nhs approach and decided not to go back until it was proper broke. had a bit of a lay off (enter the pie boy!) let the mushy effusion-ness die down, paid proper attention to some of the bike fit info i got earlier in the year, reset all my road bikes, binned one, bought another so now, just by altering the seat height about 5mm i can change which knee hurts. somewhere in there is a sweet spot that'll hurt neither! but basically a height and lean change of maybe 4cm in the seat post and another 4cm on the reach. not saying it'll work for you but you never know and it can't harm...

oh, and lots of snow and ice round these parts already...

ultra collie said...

glad you're back..the virtual party is less colourful without you

happy anniversary..but of all the places to meet..stoke i mean not the lavvy. it happened to me once in a gay bar in manchester..i didnt realise it was a gay bar up til that point!

enjoy your trip..sounds just whats needed for you

Hayfella said...

Welcome back to the world of cyber thingyness! Hope the MRI happens soon and gets you sorted. Congratulations on your 10 years.

Runningbear said...

Good to have you back Kate, if only for a brief virtual visit.

Lots of news by the sounds, happy anniversary to you both..a whole decade! Cake celebrations all round.
Enjoy your break with wifi. RB.

kate said...

vdubber- hola, enjoy your 'rest week'

trio- i know! jane says she's given me the best years of her life. she always looks sad when she says that ;)

muddytrail- why, thank you.

swiss- brilliant, please share! yeh, it seems in this country we're very good at fixing people who are properly broken but we're rubbish at niggles. particularly if you're otherwise healthy. so, should i invest in some ice tyres then?

uc- hahaha! how different your life could have been ;) and just for the record, neither of us are potters.

hayfella- thanks. so good to see you're getting back to your old self.

rb- thank you. we've moved on from cake and now can't stop with the cheese. oh well, we're on 'us holidays :)

sbrt said...

Hey up Kate, not been the same without you;

Happy Birthday!

Happy anniversary!

Happy new Job!

Happy new House (Still disappointed that you went from Notts to Yorks and missed out Derbyshire)!

Hopefully soon, happy new MRI scan!

Have a fab holiday. More sheep photos please.

Simon said...

Yay! Welcome back! Sounds like you've had lots going on so congratulations on all of it! Hope you are settled, happy, healing etc etc!

Groover said...

Wow, don't know where to start congratulating. Just consider yourself all round congratulated and good to see you back. :-)

kate said...

sbrt- cheers! actually we've plumped for derbyshire in the end. money, commute etc...might be nearer you?

simon- hi there, thanks. hope to meet up with you soon.

groover- thanks buddy :)