28 January 2011


first week done and clocked just over 100m. a few things i've noticed....

*it's very different from the 3m downhill spin to my old job!!!
*rush hour riding is properly frightening
*big roundabouts raise my heart rate considerably
*mudguards are essential, why don't i have any?!
*public toilets are too small for changing in and i feel too guilty about using the disabled ones
*skool books are heavy but are also a useful ballasted
*apparently helmet hair is not cool or funny

*my legs aren't big enough for singespeeding up these humps...yet


ultra collie said...

and there was i thinking you were wonder woman..one twizzle and you're transformed ;-)

swiss said...

1x10. you knows it!

Julbags said...

Mudguards - tick!
Heavy books on back..no, pannier and rack if I was doing that though makes it harder work to drag bike up hills.
Hate big roundabouts - huge tick!
Helmet hair - buff helps normally.

I am lucky I have good showers at work though did have to resort to baby wipe bath in the loo when they were being refurbished, nowhere near as good. 100m in a week is great going though, well done.

vdubber67 said...

I'm really not jealous of anyone who gets to start an exciting new phase of their life, involving studying / learning stuff, new places and being able to put in 100m weeks. No I'm not.


trio said...

Yay to commuting.

kate said...

uc- well my cape would catch in my wheels, obviously!

swiss- never. ....ok, maybe

julbags- thanks some top tips. i will now add baby wipes to my essentials and you're the second person to suggest panniers.

vdubber- yup, life is good at the moment. just need to remember that in a few months time when i have assignment deadlines, april showers and then the train will look very tempting!

trio- whoooop :)