24 January 2011

day1 nurse skool

i arrived a little late due to a navigation error but i hadn't missed anything and could just join the back of the queue for uniform fitting. unfortunately this meant i was the weird one in lycra with a bad case of helmet hair. hmmmm...first impressions... got chatting to the student in front of me, who seemed really nice. we then discovered that we're both on our 3rd first year attempts, we decided it might not be a good idea for us to be friends!


Richard said...

Hope school goes well. Bonus that you can ride there too.

vdubber67 said...

Best of luck for the studying! I did two first years myself. I think the more you can do the better really ;)

ultra collie said...

love it..work navigation error..i've heard some excuses but..

sbrt said...

Any lateness penalties?

Hopefully its 3rd time lucky.
All the best.

kate said...

rich- yup, i'm looking forward to long summer nights with a detour via hathersage :)

vdubber- definitely, all the best people like to be 'sure'!!

uc- i know! but it was true, i've never cycled there before and was trying to avoid main roads....ahem, which i did ;)

sbrt- thanks buddy :)