06 February 2012

snow joke ride

back to nottingham and familiar trails. tagging along with chris for one of his 'bike riding mondays', where you have to earn your cake. as usual i spent my time madly spinning behind, whilst chris pedaled along with a regal air about him. the only difference was the absolute concentration required by both of us to stay upright. we rode through hard compacted snow, dirty black snow, brown snow, yellow snow, soggy slush, icy ice, slushy ice, icy hard compacted snow and tarmac, blissful easy tarmac! it was a real slog of a ride but as chris said "only people who enjoy this, will enjoy it". we both sat with satisfied smiles in the cafe, having our cake and eating it.


Chris said...

Great pic, coffee and cake

Do it again soon?

Rosemary said...

Glad to see you're out training ready for next weekend! :-)

simondbarnes said...

Sounds great!

Lynne said...

sounds like you definitely earned your cake :)

sbrt said...

Mmmmm N ice

ultra collie said...

did you ask for the finest wines known to humanity?

Gaynor said...

Good times! Ah, the character Withnail was based on my friend Vivian, who was quite potty and told the best stories; you'd have loved him Kate, and he did indeed drink a lot of the finest wines, or in fact anything to hand!

kate said...

chris- who knew riding so slowly could be so much fun ;) defo up for another ride soon.

rosemary- haha, yup, practicing spinning madly behind someone faster!

simon- it was even better than commuting!

lynne- too right and i had some more when i got home too.

uc- hahaha, no, just a warming brandy when i got home. sorry to disappoint ;)

gaynor- don't take this the wrong way but most of the stories of your friends sound like a scene from withnail!.....in a good way :)