09 September 2008

what a difference a day makes

Today was a great day despite the constant rain and having over slept. It was touch and go when I first got up.....having slept until 10:30 I was already feeling guilty and like I had wasted time and should really be on my way back from a run.

However, somehow things fell into place and I didn't spend all day eating biscuits! Managed a run around Woodthorpe Park with Jane, 4.08 miles with 487 meters of ascent. Very wet under foot but no actual rain. My legs felt really good- that'll be the 2 weeks of sitting on my arse but my lungs felt it.

Then it was out for the first night ride with lights since 'summer'. Over to Bestwood with Chris and Simon. As usual they were having to wait for me, despite being on singlespeeds. My legs were burning by the time I got home.

22:35 and all is well with the world. How can I make this happen everyday?

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