05 November 2008


10.46 miles 1:07
My first solo night ride, ok well dusk ride but it's a start. What's great about this ride is that to get to the woods you can ride a singletrack trail nearly all the way from my house. The trail runs between a housing estate and a main road, it twists and flows between trees and dumped trollies before spitting you out in a country park. First ride of the month where it did more than just tick the box!

Also, congratulations America! And more importantly.....Rich and I have an entry to Strathpuffer-despite stating clearly that after Mayhem I was never going to do a 24hr race again. At least I've got a partner in grime, I hope Rich has a LOT of warm clothes...he's gonna be waiting in the cold for some time!!!!


trio said...

This sounds a lovely ride. I think riding in the woods at night might be very scary!

You are riding strathpuffer, I thought about it but knew it was too much solo and couldn't think of anyone mad enough to want to do it with me!

jumbly said...

You brave and crazy people taking on the mighty 'puffer! Best get that sleeping bag upgrade sorted Kate, you're gonna need a lot of tog rating to see you through!

Well done on ride 5, I am sorry to say have failed to ride a bike today, roll on Day 6!