06 November 2008


20 miles 2:30
Six days of solitary riding ended tonight with another fast ride with me chasing Simon. One day I will wait for him...one day...Again it was from the door and after 20 minuets of road we were swooping along bridleways and along a lot of foot paths-the runner in me always feels very guilty during those moments. We crossed the M1 at least 4 times, negotiated suicide bridge, discussed the merits of Julia Bradbury, got covered in mud, discovered 2 new trails and had no rain. A great evenings entertainment!

The main problem that I'm coming across with this challenge so far is the extreme amount of dirty kit that constantly needs sorting, lights that need charging and a belly that needs feeding. What I'm really enjoying is that everyday is feeling like a weekend with a bit of work in the middle. It's also great catching up with fellow 'challengers'-thanks guys!


sarah said...

I definitely need to order some more kit. When it's colder, I'm wearing most of the bike clothes I own and I'm getting so tired of washing them constantly! Suicide bridge sounds scary! But all the bridleways and footpaths sound great.

jumbly said...

Yep, I seem to have a pile of P.E kit always heading for the washing machine too. Your ride 6 sounds like a lot of fun!

trio said...

I used to never go near footpaths, now I'm of the view as long as you are sensible when you ride them and only on your own or with a couple of people. No need to feel guilty!

When I was commuting across the moors I always forgot I had been in work as you just remember the biking!

Lost Sheep said...

Sounds like you're having great fun with your challenge. Keep it up :o)

ultra collie said...

ditch the bike
keep on running girl

kate said...

commuting across the moors sounds fantastic trio.

thanks lost sheep, i'll be keeping an eye on your stats too ;)

uc-don't worry, the tour of pendle is next week a nice AL to remind me what real pain is!!!