07 November 2008


Road Bike
13.1 miles 1:03
I can't believe it's finally Friday. I've worked seven days on the trot, ran in on five of those and had 2 rather late nights. Life is certainly getting in the way of bike riding at the moment!

Today's pedal very nearly didn't happen. After work I went straight to the climbing wall to meet Gareth. Two and half hours later I could barely turn the steering wheel on the car and we have power steering! When I got home the first thing Jane said was "you want me to make you go out on your bike, don't you?" She knows me so well!!

I was aloud out as long as I wore a vis. vest and had extra lights and was to be no longer than 1:10. I have to say that this has probably been one of my favourite rides so far. The roads were clear, the moon was bright and I had the night to myself. Going 33mph in the dark on skinny wheels was the most exhilarating downhill I've done in a long time.

We're off to Wales tomorrow for more life/family stuff. I was hoping that I'd fit in a trip to Cwm Carn but it's looking unlikely. Will probably take the road bike instead.


jumbly said...

Wow! How late were you out? Glyn wants me to get a high viz vest for night road rides, makes sense as I can't avoid the A6 for at least some of every road ride I do.

Have a good weekend in Wales.

trio said...

Enjoy wales, I find that I end up doing more road riding sometimes as its just easier and doesn't involve as much mud! I have reflective stuff all over my bike which looks black in daylight I find that is effective! Having commuted for a year with no streetlights I have got more and more reflective. I also have a night vision jacket which is so effective people dim their lights for me.

Anthony said...

My god you are putting in the miles at the moment. Making me feel sluggish just reading this.

Post OMM just been uninspired but reckon a good few weeks are in order.

You at the Tour of Pendle or next dark and white mini MM?

kate said...

yeh, it was a late one, didn't set out until 9.30pm-no wonder i'm feeling tired!

hi anthony, i'll be at penle, will you? and maybe the dec. dark and white-actually, that would be a really good event for you jumbly.