11 December 2008

early to bed

Ended up doing another night shift. Haven't done anything all week despite glorious winter sunshine. I really need to start getting some running miles done, and probably some biking too ('puffer is ever closer) Hoping to wake feeling refreshed and motivated and if that doesn't work then tonight's ride should shake off the funk that's starting to engulf me.

Edit at 13:40
Note to self, do not post when you have been awake for over 24hrs as you tend to sound a bit maudlin-sorry but thank you for being sympathetic! I have the 'just woken up from nights fuzzy' edge but part from that everything is actually lovely! You're right Trio tonight will be Blackie's first night outing. It's going to be fast and I know we're going to struggle to keep up but it's just what the doctor ordered!


Groover said...

Nightshifts suck. They throw your whole system out. Hope you get your well deserved ride in.

trio said...

Nightshift, horrid. I don't think I could do it.

Does tonights ride involve blackie?

jumbly said...

Hey, nightshifts are pooh, fact, you're allowed to have a little grumble! Enjoy you're night ride, my jelly legs would be unable to sustain pedalling!