04 January 2009

two edges, a cake and a slice

After hearing tales of cloud and temperature inversions, and the need to get some serious hill work in my legs, Jane and I headed off to Derbyshire for a spot of running today. Our route started from Hathersage which importantly has a lovely cafe with fantastic cake. We took in Stanage and Burbage edges and some other less known (to us) paths. It started off unbelievably cold and overcast but the sun broke though in later part of the run. No cloud inversions though, but as Jane said "you can't chase them, they just happen". Yeh, very philosophical, whilst I was at work last week I know several people who were enjoying such a phenomenon.

Along both edges were hoards of people. It's great to see so many enjoying the outdoors. I spend most of my free time trying to convince friends to take up running/biking but with little success. However, the selfish part of me wishes they'd all stay away, at least on the days that I'm out in pursuit of wilderness.

Anyway, we had a great day out. It was good to get off road again and I chose the best cake. Ginger sponge will always win over a shortbread slice.


jumbly said...

Sounds like you had a great day out. Tough call ginger sponge or shortbread slice, was it a chocolate/caramel shortbread slice?

jonathan said...

Ooo, it's ages since i've been there. I think I've just decided where I want to ride this Saturday.

At the moment i'm sat at work sulking because I want to be out on the bike somewhere.

Great blog btw, I had to revist it and read a few more posts!

kate said...

jumbly-it was a millionaire slice if that helps ;)
jon-if you're going with trio make sure you have lights!

jonathan said...

I love riding with Trio. I'm always trying to twist her arm into letting me tag along. Sadly next weekend I will be on my own. She's too busy doing a running race (See her blog). :(

I don't have any lights so I guess I will just have to stop being a complete wimp and keep up on the down hills so that we get back before dark!

I've been laughing all morning at your comment on Trios blog about the swimming costume. My cozzy is packed in my camelbak too after the last ford she took me through!

kate said...

i think there maybe a need for some kind of support group related to trio's adventures!

jonathan said...

Oh no, I couldn't join a Trio support group. She might not take me riding anymore if I did that. Then where would I be!

I am hopefully out with Trio and the lovely Ali in the Peaks on the 17th if you're intrested.

kate said...

thanks for the invite jon. i may well turn up if i don't go to strathpuffer