02 March 2009

february in numbers

Such a hiatus in posting can only mean one of two things, I've been having such extreme adventures that I just haven't had the time OR I've been in hiding due to lack of motivation/dedication. Unfortunately it's been the later...

I started keeping this blog for the purpose of keeping a diary of my daily doings and as a way of trying to workout why sometimes I seem able to achieve what I set out to and at other times fail miserably. I keep a detailed training log which is currently covered with blank spaces. I can give a multitude of reasons why but really these are just excuses. It's time to be honest with myself. So here are the numbers;

16 miles run, most of that was speed work
139 miles biked. That's only 3 rides for a whole month.
5 Scotish winter hill days
4 meals out. Recession-schmession!
1 interview. I still visibly cringe when thinking about it.
3 job applications completed

Cake of the month: Glenmore Lodges' Carrot Cake

March is going to be an important month for me. I really need to sort myself out, no more excuses.


Simon Anderson said...

Cake of the Month! Every runner should have one.

Just tell yourself that the conditions were too poor and then you have half of an excuse.

jumbly said...

It doesn't sound that slack, 5 Scottish winter hill days is fairly hard core. I didn't have a very active month, only rode 29 miles if that helps make you feel better.

Cake of the month sounds like a good idea, let's really earn it for March. x

Red Bike said...

I would be delighted with that!

trio said...

February is always a hard month!

One of your rides was a monster as well, but you need to get running!

Martin Rye said...

No miles run.
No miles biked. I have a very clean Mountain Bike
0 Scottish winter hill days - it's a long drive...honest.
0 meals out.
0 interviews.

Cake of the month: That be the one in the Edale cafe. So compared to some you have been very busy.

kate said...

thanks martin ;)