16 March 2009

considerable buffeting on the high tops

A weekend of considerable buffeting, potential cake of the month and a 2 bgr legs tick off.

Saturday saw us battle high winds across Dale Head, Hindscarth and Robinson. With the clouds still racing across the sky we decided to take the low level option back to camp in Borrowdale. This meant a lovely stroll along the valley through Grange, via a tea and cake stop.

We woke on Sunday to an eerie stillness in the air. The tent was completely dry and the air was almost warm. It was promising to be a good day on the fell. Jane dropped me off at Threlkeld and we planned to meet at Dunmail Raise 4-5 hours later.

My legs felt lifeless from the start and it was disheartening that I just seemed to be trudging through bog. Eventually I was on the top and ticking the summits off, Clough Head, Great Dodd, Watson's Dodd, Stybarrow....Not many people out but I did pass one wirey looking runner coming the other way.

It was a real morale booster to bump into Jane on Dollywaggon (she'd come up from Dunmail via Helvellyn). As usual she gave me some words of encouragement "why were you walking on that bit?" I left Jane as she headed back to the car and I still had Fairfield and Seat Sandal to gain.

Why anyone would choose to ascend Fairfield from this side is anyone's guess. I slowly picked my way up the horrible zig zag of scree only to be passed by the runner I'd seen hours earlier. He was kind enough to slow for a chat and offer some tips-it turned out he's Paul Clavey, who's attempting a double round in June. Again I must have looked like a weird stalker when I said I kinda knew someone (Iain) who was supporting him!

Two days of proper fell running and I'm feeling like I'm making some progress but there's a very long way to go. My fitness is off but improving. As is my navigation but it's good to be making these mistakes now whilst there is still time to learn....hopefully.


Groover said...

Wow, amazing landscape. Did you do this all by yourself?

Iain said...

I was out on bits of leg 2 on sunday. It's a bit of a small world though, meeting Paul. Did you see the queue of people at the top of Swirral edge?

How did your eating strategy work out?

kate said...

groover-the landscape is fantastic in the lakes, it always amazes me, every time. i was only on my own for a bit but you're never really that far from civilisation ;)

iain-yeh, i couldn't believe people were on swirral, too windy for my liking but i guess they must have been more sheltered on that side. eating wise probably not enough. felt ok until fairfield then my legs went to jelly. i had 2 mini mars bars, hand full of jelly babies and 1lt of lucuzade. going to try some gels next time. how about you?

Red Bike said...

How many summits??

I would be happy if I'd managed to walk up/down one of them!

I love the Lakes.

jumbly said...

Sounds like a top weekend, I'm most jealous. Good too that you're feeling positive about BGR progress.

Ads said...

sounds and looks like a great weekend! have you read 'feet in the clouds'? amazing book im sure you'd love

Julbags said...

Well done, what a difference a week or two make. We walked up Fairfield on the 5th of March and it was proper snow, everywhere. I think we took the same ascent route as you to the summit (maybe, we came up from Grisedale) but we had to kick steps rather than battle scree, it was very steep and a little scary at times.

Iain said...

An orderley queue had formed for the descent of Swirral. The top 10 metres was cruddy snow. All in a great day, clear and little wind - for a change. Bruised knees today from a lot of ascent and descent over the wkend.

Sounds like you're well on the way Kate. Rattling off 2 legs like that. More importantly when are you next up here? If you want company on the fells i'd gladly like to tag along?

kate said...

red bike-many, many summits ;)
jumbly-looking forward to running with you soon :)
ads-you're right, it's an excellent book...too many ideas ;)
julbags-yeh, it was the same ascent. more fun in the snow by the sounds of it!
iain-were you wearing a red top and running with a collie? i think i might have seen you! next trip up is in april-i'll give you shout, if you promise to run slow ;)

Iain said...

Collie dog stayed at home on sunday. Didn't fancy taking her over some of the ground i covered.

The weekend long "runs" are very slow. So i promise there'll be no racing. Just about time on our feet. Got a couple of races first 2 saturdays of april, but the sunday's will be free.

trio said...

Sounds like a really sucessful trip! When you have dates if we are free we can be some help with support, Ali is brillant at stuff like that - practice coping with me!

ultra collie said...

keep it up kate..thats a great start to fill you with optimism

kate said...

iain-hope to see you soon then :)
trio-thanks, i'll mail you with some details. i'll need all the support i can get!
uc-thanks a lot, it's certainly good to be feeling positive again :)