16 March 2009

neglected roadie

I was meant to do an easy 8m run today but after the beautiful weekend fells I just couldn't face the pavement. However, the sun was shinning and the wind a mere breeze, perfect day for a road ride instead.

First official ride in summer shoes and 3/4 tights-brilliant. Not having cleaned or fetteled with bike since its last ride-less brilliant. Going straight to the top of my 'to do list' is clean and oil bike, straighten bars, adjust brakes and gears and fix that slow puncture. All of this should have been done after the last ride but I couldn't wait to get off the thing!

Off to work in a bit. Might try and make a start on the maintenance in a sleep deprived state tomorrow.


Red Bike said...

It looks a lot cleaner than my winter bike.

It's also just reminded me to fit new brake pads to mine.

jumbly said...

Hooray for riding in summer shoes with bare legs. If it stays nice I might try and sneak an hour myself tomorrow. Hope the sunshiney ride made work at least tolerable!

trio said...

I was so hot in winter boots and longs yesterday, ended up in just a jersey on top half, what is going on!

Now be nice to your poor roadie!

kate said...

redbike-i'm too ashamed to show the drive chain!
jumbly-hope you manage to get out there. looking good for fri ;)
trio-what to wear for thurs?!