01 August 2009

july in numbers

i've not been counting miles or minuets this month. just trying to get back in the game. i'm on day 26 of the '33 day freedom plan' and despite constant 'tweaking' things have been going well.

there's only been one outing that's deserved measuring and that was the pennine bridleway ride. distances are approximate but we did reach the 100km both days (red certainly did!). so, i was just wondering if the official adjudicator will allow day 2 to count for my missed century in june?!

1 handful of runs
2 large handfuls of rides

cake of the month: jane's 'secret ingredient friday brownies'


trio said...

You need to tell me how far you rode that day for it to count! I would plot it for you if you send me the point on streetmap you got to! Since I already have the first part plotted!

kate said...

i've edited the post especially! day1- 123km, day2- 107km. obviously i've included from my house to train station. i haven't included the 8miles of backward pedaling at the start ;)

Red Bike said...

I've been putting off plotting the route incase it wasn't 100km!