03 August 2009

only 2 days left

3 chunks of toblerone for breakfast and i knew today was going downhill fast. i crashed into a bacon cob at lunch. got home and was sucked into the internet and mysteriously more toblerone disappeared.

luckily jane rescued me. a late evening run followed by dinner (real food!) at wagamama's. if this is my punishment for sunday, then i might have to force her out again.


Holdfast said...

Toblerone! Breakfast of champions!

jumbly said...

I'm pretty sure Toblerone counts as one of your five a day!

Red Bike said...

Toblerone is punishment??

What do you have to do to get served Jelly Babies?

ultra collie said...

the bacon cob gets my vote!
so...has it all been worth it kate? please inspire me!

Red Bike said...

Is today your last day?
How exciting!!!

kate said...

toblerone has been demolished-i can now move on ;)