21 December 2009

treacherous easy run

this evenings easy run was aborted after only 800 treacherous meters. returned home, after being told 'i told you so', and had a quick spin on the exercise bike. if all goes to plan tomorrow, the ice will be the least of my worries.


Charlie aka Chas said...

I am lookin forward to the next bit of 'the plan'!! Seasonal greetings!!!

Thunder In The Night said...

Screw shoe!


Runningbear said...

Go girl, this planning stuff is good... except when pesky ice gets in the way, glad to hear you're undeterred! What's on the menu for Xmas dinner at work then? RB.

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

don't you have the lazy gene of snuggled up on the sofa in this cold weather instead of exercising?

ultra collie said...

you can buy ice running shoes you know..and they look ace! no more excuses ;)
(save the penguins!..before its too late)

Elizabeth A said...

I'm not even going to bother to try running I think. But well done with the exercise bike, that takes more guts!!

kate said...

charlie- cheers, happy 'winter holiday' to you too

thunder- i knew you'd have the answer :)

rb- i'll probably live off quality street :(

ppc- at the moment it's over-ridden with snow envy ;)

uc- 2 penguins are currently 'missing in action'

elizabeth- hopefully it's a one off. mind numbing to say the least!