26 February 2010

sucess all round

at last, the freewheel is finally liberated!! all it took was, an 18m trail run, consuming my own weight in bread and cheese and a bit of brain over brawn.

we had a very cold and damp run over vikki's local trails. she's mid marathon training. this was her furthest run to date. she finished strong and i'm very impressed.

even more impressive was our post run spread. bread, cheese, olives, cheese, chocolate milk, cheese. and even more impressive than that, was our successful bike fettle.

can i come again?


jumbly said...

Yes, you're welcome anytime! Thanks for coming up, some company definitely helped the long run go smoothly.

Julie said...

Hi Kate,
Wow, you did an eighteen mile trail run!! You girls from England could kick some big time bootie over here:) Good job!! I am loving your post run spread:) Good stuff! Have a great weekend!!

ultra collie said...

you owe the week 2 miles ;)

sbrt said...

Mmmmmm Cheese

Joe said...

Whey to go guys!

Sounds like a super hard day out. I guess you just had to Gruyère and bear it.

Groover said...

What happened to the cake, Kate? I just read cheese. No cake? Well done. 18 Miles - I'd only ever ride such a distance. :-)

kate said...

jumbly- a lovely day, thanks :)

julie- thanks! your trails might also be a bit drier!

uc- what's 2m between friends ;)

sbrt- exactly!

joe- that's such a cheesey pun, oh no, see what you've done!

groover- you've missed a whole week of binge baking! need some savory for a while ;)

Red Bike said...

Can you now come and remove my freewheel please? I've bent the adapter while trying the excess force method. I obviously now need to try the brains method.

18miles, wow!!
I'm not even riding that far

Daz H said...

good blog, im impressed

kate said...

red- did you bolt the tool onto the axle? that was vikki's 'brains' moment and made everything much easier.