18 March 2010

less is more

last week i popped into an antique shop with my mum. i left with a beautiful art deco china tea cup. upon purchasing said cup, the proprietor stated that his teenage daughter had also recently started collecting delicate tea cups. he then went on to suggest that i too had the same motivations. i questioned what he meant. it would appear that i have jumped on a lady gaga tea drinking bandwagon! completely unwittingly i hasten to add.

i tried to explain that i've always enjoyed a good cuppa. and that i've been slurping pint mugs of milky builders tea for years but have recently discovered less is more. there is nothing quite as refreshing as a lady grey, no milk, a slice a of lemon, sipped from a fine bone china cup, with the correct pinky pointing.

of course, the size of the accompanying cakes have not shrunk at all.


Lee Maclean said...

"the size of the accompanying cakes have not shrunk at all"

Girl after my own heart ;-)

Red Bike said...

I'm sorry Kate but it has to be the metal insulated mug with a lid.

They fit so nicely in my bikes bottle cage and the cup holder in the car.

ultra collie said...

you're getting as posh as running bear you are!

Runningbear said...

Just what I was thinking UC, we don't have posh cups at our house though. Or any pinky pointing for that matter.

Must get one... which pinky do you point with Kate?

Emma said...

oh Kate, the pinky HAS to pointed and I too am a bone china girl,and poured from a pot no less and cannot and will not be FOBBED OFF!! Cake, well it's not tea without cake no matter what you drink it from ;-)
Lovely cup by the way :-)

Daz H said...

Emma is so posh she has a titanium mug no less
Plastic for me alas.

jumbly said...

Having just acquired a set of silver sugar tongs I totally get where you're coming from!

sbrt said...

Good to see you are back to the serious matters of refreshment:o)

The Word verification for this comment was 'races'

is that a hint from google?

Groover said...

Coffee! Just saying ...

kate said...

lee- it's my main reason for running ;)

red- a mug/cup for every occasion, that's what i say

uc- no, it's just more civilized ;)

rb- right handers point with right pinky. for the more experienced you can use both pinkies but this is a higher level of tea drinking ;)

emma- we'll have to have some proper post run refueling sometime. or i could meet you at rosset pike for a half way tea stop ;)

daz- that is where you're going wrong ;)

jumbly- sugar tongs! i have i been managing all this time without such clasping devises ?!!

sbrt- haha! yeh, more running less tea drinking ;)

groover- you're such a roadie ;)