15 March 2010

wk16 'the plan' round up

the week where life got in the way. i had to swap shifts to allow me to do the hpm, which meant this week became a 62.5hr marathon. of my two days off one was spent traveling to family celebrating mum's birthday (clay pigeon shooting, which more importantly, i won). another evening spent in sheffield supporting rich at the film festival. a great night but a late one.

i felt a deep, lingering tiredness all week and only managed to scrape 36m together. i realsie now that instead of trying to stick to 'the plan' i should have tweaked it to a more realistic schedule. which would have probably made me feel less of flabby fair weather jogger.

anyway.....new week. time to crack on.


Ian Charters said...

I doubt you will EVER be a "flabby fair weather jogger"!

Red Bike said...

"flabby fair weather jogger" Lol, as if!!

Does this mean you're a film star?

ultra collie said...

being in the moment is what its all about..my schedule is like moving sands

trio said...

Yes I think you need to be flexible if you are working that much. No way you can get long runs and enough sleep in! Still the hpm was such good training you're fine!

Elizabeth A said...

I think I've learnt that real life gets in the way for everyone. It's probably a good thing!

Groover said...

What's important? Time management? Rather a misnomen as it should be self-management, right? I always want to squeeze everything into my days and weeks, too. That's how we are wired. That's why you'll never be a flabby fair weather jogger. LOL

kate said...

ian- thanks! i think i was just on such a high after hpm that feeling a bit rubbish after was inevitable.

red- slide show star ;)

uc- felt like sinking sand to me ;)

trio- you're right about hpm. just need to keep that in mind.

elizabeth- haha! yeh, you're probably right :)

groover- thanks! if we could just have a few more hours a day.... i'd probably spend it sleeping to be honest ;)