23 March 2010

not running

i'm avoiding all pavements at the moment, even a road ride is too close to them. time for knobbly tyres and friends with annual leave to burn. a whole day of local trails.

sunshine and dappled singletrack, keeping the mind off the knee. the only real niggles were running across busy roads. keep on spinning and everything's ok.

...i love riding. i love my bike. our trails were dry. we had lunch out. we beat the rain and rode swoops and dips for 50 miles. but i can't stop worrying about my bloody knee, which only seems to hurt when walking or running.


trio said...

Something is telling you to ride more and run less!

50miles, wow that is a long ride!

Chris said...

Great ride today, and great lunch, cookies and beer!

Pity I had no room for pudding after the boat of gravy!

Hope the riding and ice pack helps the knee.

Good to catch up too.

See you soon?

swiss said...

bah, knees are crap. still, at least you're moving. i've had three weeks off the bike and feel like an enormous pudding.

i tried a bit of bike maintenance this morning, took out a bike i hadn't used for a while this evening and broke the front mech!

no fair!

Red Bike said...


After my commute home last night I was so muddy I had to get changed outside. I even had to wash my clothes in a bucket before I could put them in the washing machine.

I do hope your knee improves.

jumbly said...

Pesky knees! Physio?

lesleyh said...

Definitely need to get that knee fixed. 4 weeks to go :o)

ultra collie said...

kate have you had your gait (not gate) looked at..your knee could be something that biomechanics could resolve..just a thought

kate said...

trio- nice easy spinning

chris- haha, i'd already forgotten about the gravy. should have taken a photo!

swiss- i couldn't agree more :( hope you're back on yer bike soon

red- yup, dry and almost dusty. thanks

jumbly- maybe...just trying the cheap route first

lesleyh- don't remind me :(

uc- had some last week when i went to get new trainers. seems everything's ok. more of a hamstring/quad pain. too much, too soon i think. and running when tired, thus poor gait then :(