21 March 2010

wk17 'the plan' round up

a niggling knee has gradually got more niggley. some 22m short of the target but i'm trying to 'listen' to my body. looking back at my post run scribbles it seems that i've had a few recurring issues that due to having the brain of a goldfish, i've forgotten after each run. the list of my complaints starts a 3 weeks ago. soles of feet feel bruised, legs very tired, right knee painful, hamstrings very tight, finished feeling very dehydrated... the list goes on.

jane has played good coach/bad coach. some resolutions have been made and some new shoes bought. next week will see less feet miles, some more pedaling and lots of stretching.


Daz H said...

You will be needing whats called in the trade as a rest. Even just 3days will help.
Ive ran tens of thousands of miles and if things start to track out of line. Rest is whats needed.
I know you wont but your doing the right thing by listening to your body.
Good luck

ultra collie said...

hmm..agree with daz h's comment
asmy mileage is on the up ive changed to just two high mileage weeks out of four to try and avoid problems
(not sure about stretching (cold) though)
hope it all irons itself out kate

sbrt said...

Only the aged have more aches and pains than runners.

I think you have earned a guilt free rest.

Well done on the HPM

trio said...

Hence why running is bad for you, lots of peddalling is my suggestion ;-)

kate said...

daz- yes sir! ;)

uc- fingers crossed. i think i've been running in worn out shoes and i've never run this much on the road before. a swollen knee and bruised feet before i put two and two together!!

sbrt- haha! i dread to think about how much i'll be hobbling when i'm old!

trio- you might be right....

Red Bike said...

You have done some serious mileage. Its no wonder bits hurt.

You'll have to get Jane to bring you the cups of tea while you rest your knee?

Emma said...

Daz should practice what he preaches!!

Rest and stretch well young lady! :-)

Clare and Charlie said...

How about a couple of weeks off work suggests Clare....that'd soon sort your knee out, more cycling and less running deffo good idea says Charlie ....spring is here at last! says both of us....even Clare managed to cycle to work last week even though it nearly finished her off!

Hayfella said...

Yep, rest is the thing. Do it voluntarily, 'cos it's hell if it's forced on you. Tell you what -drink more tea! I'm on a pure Darjeeling kick at the moment, which I get from a gorgeous teashop/cafe in Grange over Sands.
Hope it clears quickly for you.

iain said...

When lots of things start to niggle it's a sign your running style is getting tired ( or knackered trainers ;). The focus is on churning out the miles and not on ensuring each and every stride is as efficient as the last. Have a rest and come back thinking about that leg turnover, the one that felt light and efficient when you are at your best. As you build up more mileage consider going to one long week then a step back week then long and so on. Don't let it get you down, it's all part of the long road, training mind and body for the big day.

kate said...

red- i've passed on your recommendations to jane ;)

emma- haha! will do.

clare- i know, if it wasn't for work ;) keep up the pedaling!

charlie- biking today, will see how it goes. how was your hobble?

hayfella- i know, you're right. darjeeling you say, i recently bought a blend of china and Darjeeling but didn't really like the smoky after taste. will have to source some of your stuff next time i'm up that way.

iain- thanks. reading your comment now i can completely see where i have been going wrong :( massive increase in road mileage, just looking at the numbers and not the quality. having a week off and looking at adjusting the plan. thanks :)

Charlie said...

Hobble was good. The furthest distance I've ever run and I could have done more! Three Ps next....gulp!

kate said...

running 3P or 'cross? actually either one is pretty scary! good luck :)